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The whole evolutional world you created here is simply amazing! I loved the concept and hope to see more work like this from you :)


"It's just a flesh wound." Did you get that from Monty Python?

Anyway, GREAT JOB! It was really funny :)

Not Bad

The voice acting needed some wok work, but decently funny.

Loved the SAW music :)

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Copied Icy Tower

This is pretty much a full on copy of Icy Tower, just with better graphics... You get a 2 for graphics.

Move Over Elephants...

Snails are the new win.

And really, he's not lying. The ending is epic, and those that do not see it will forever live on, regretting the moment that they chose to not witness the awesome snailness.

PixelRey responds:

Took me awhile to get the "elephant" thing.

Nice Concept

I like he concept, and t was pretty fun.

Definitely make a full game :)

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Not too shabby...

Well, I actually do like Hardstyle, so I can confirm that this is most definitely not it. However, the track itself is still great.

I'm sorry to inform you though, that "Nu-Style" already exists according to "Ikshur's Guide to Electronic Music" (http://techno.org/electronic-music-g uide/). I think this song is a bit of a mix of Hard Acid with Ibiza tbh.

Gravey responds:

How many times do I have to explain to people that the genre thing is a joke? There is not a single word you should be taking seriously in my authors comments above, and it is kinda obvious.

Glad you liked the song.



Better than Contempt imo. Great sound you guys had, I wish you were still together. I would love to see the entire album.

For some reason this song reminds a little bit of A Day to Remember.... idk. :)

MadFLeX responds:

Thanks! I've got a crapload of hardcopies but I've yet to throw up the album online, the iTunes process takes so long without a label. ADTR is a new comparison.=) Maybe somewhere between Downfall and Plot to Bomb the Panhandle. haha..

Definitely Fits the Title.

The execution was nearly perfect, but it could have sounded a bit eerier based on the title.

Overall I liked it though, great job here.

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